My name is Pascal Guehl. I'm a French 14 years experienced software engineer in industry, IT services and research labs, currently enrolled in a PhD in Computer Graphics at the ICube research lab (CNRS, National Center for Scientific Research). Looking for opportunities in Computer Graphics, Computer Animation and VFX industry.


Multidisciplinary Training at University and College of Engineering in Mathematics, Physics, Informatics, and Computer Science, I then specialized in Computer Graphics.

Industry, IT services and Research Labs experience, working as engineer or intern for companies such as: AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), Exalt3D, INRIA (National Institute for computer science and applied mathematics), CS (Communication & Systèmes), Diginext, Airbus, CNES (National Centre for Space Studies), IRSN (Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety Institute), THALES Training & Simulation, SKF, Télécom ParisTech (ENST)...

Previous roles: software engineer, graphics engineer, lead developer, R&D engineer, project technical manager, teacher

Technical Skills: computer science, computer graphics, software engineering, object-oriented programming, 3D programming, GPU Computing, GUI, profiling, debugging, optimization, software configuration management, bug tracking, R&D, tools...

Artistic Skills: guitarist (> 30 years), computer music

+ beginner : bass, piano, drum, singer

Creativity : composer (songwriter)

Technologies: C++, OpenGL, CUDA, OpenCL, Qt, CMake, SVN, Git, UML...

Human Skills: adaptability, love to learn, hard-working, problem solver, open minded, team spirit, self-motivated, pro-active, reliable, passionate, curious

Volunteer experience in music associations

Languages: French (native), English